Is it really that important to have good spelling and correct grammar on my website?

In a word, yes! If you want your website to be professional and trustworthy then good spelling and correct grammar is non-negotiable. A website which is littered with spelling errors can easily turn away potential customers, and lose business for you.

I’ve done a spellcheck, isn’t this enough?

No it most certainly isn’t! The problem with a spell checking tool is that it doesn’t understand context. A word may be spelt correctly but it’s not actually the word you wanted to use. For example, from and form.

There are free spellchecking services out there, so why is yours worth paying for?

Our service is provided exclusively by trained humans with years of copywriting experience, and an exceptional eye for detail. We don’t put your website through a spellchecking tool, instead we personally read every single word and check for spelling, grammar, and context.

As mentioned in the answer to the previous question, spellchecking services do not understand the context of a sentence, and this makes our service more accurate.

How long will it take for you to review my website?

This depends on our current workload. We aim to review all websites within 2 weeks of your order, however we do ask for a maximum of 1 month from the date of order. If the review takes longer than 1 month then we will refund 50% of your payment.

What will I receive when you have completed your review?

We will provide you with a report that highlights the errors that we’ve spotted, along with their corrections and/or revised wording.

The report will also contain a summary sheet that gives an overview of the errors that we’ve found.

Do you have an example of a report that I can look at?

Yes of course. For client confidentiality we have removed specific details about the company and only included a shortened copy of the report but here it is:

Where are you based? Do you only cover websites which are written in British English?

We are based in the United Kingdom, however we have extensive knowledge of writing and editing both British and American English so in answer to the second question, no we do not just cover British websites.

I’m still not convinced. Please explain why your service is worth it?

Ok, imagine you are running an online store where the average price of each product is £50.00. Every day you have 10 visitors to your website who leave within 10 seconds because they spot the errors on there and think that it may be untrustworthy as a result.

You buy our standard package for £100 because you decide that you want to sharpen up your website, and you don’t want to lose potential sales to a rival over a few spelling mistakes do you?

As a result of the clearer copy that is now on your website, 6 of the 10 people who were turned off decide to buy a product because they can see that you have invested time and money in improving your site, and are paying attention to the details. This results in £300 for your business, our service has paid off instantly and those 3 sales could lead to a whole lot more in future.

Have a quick read of this text to see just why the English language is so confusing. WORD WILL NOT TELL YOU IF THESE WORDS ARE WRONG BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL SPELT CORRECTLY.

Though the dough is rough and tough just plough through it. It was made by a maid in Loughborough named Niamh.

Her trends tend to mend friends but not fiends she finds. Her friends Stephen and Steven are concerned that the council will refuse their refuse so they seek counsel. One by one they won presents in the presence of a deer that was dear. Their prizes could not be prised from their hands but there are no stools that they know of to stall them.

The one who has passed past the post has won. Have you taken the foam form from the farm?


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