We proofread and edit websites to help them grow

Imagine if you could increase your website’s traffic and sales within the next month.

Your website needs to leave a lasting impression on visitors. If it’s littered with bad spelling and grammar, it can deter potential customers from purchasing your products and services as it will look unprofessional and untrustworthy. It can also significantly affect your SEO efforts in a negative way.

We’re on a mission to tidy up the internet. Nothing bugs us more than seeing mistakes on websites. It’s sloppy, unnecessary, and it sends out the wrong message to visitors.

Pretty websites that have been beautifully designed and look great are only worth the time and money if they function properly as well. We’re not bothered about cool features, bright colour schemes or interactive games. We like to get the ‘nuts and bolts’ right as we like to call it, even if it is the least sexiest part of web design.

We want to help. Help boost your traffic, increase your sales and increase your ranking on Google. We started Clearer Copy because we’re fed up of seeing sloppy errors on websites and working for big companies who don’t care about their content. We want your content to be crisp, clean and serve its purpose. Whether you’re providing a service, an information website or selling physical products, we can help.

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