Why it’s vital to proofread and edit your website

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What’s the main purpose of your website?

  • To inform?
  • To educate?
  • To make money?

Whatever it is, I’m guessing that you want to be taken seriously. To grow your readers/subscribers/customer base etc? If that’s the case then it’s vital to proofread and edit your website.

First impressions are everything

When someone visits your website, you have a matter of seconds to hook them and keep them on there. Different visitors may be attracted by different things, so you might think that the spelling and grammar aren’t that important. You might have loads of videos or images for example, but almost every website in the world has text of some variety, and it’s vital that it has been edited and proofread to give your website credibility.

It’s all in the detail 

How many times have you received a spam email? You know the ones I mean, they’re usually from someone who claims to be from your bank, Paypal, Apple etc, asking you to click the link and change your password for example.

How can you tell the email’s fake? Of course, there are a few ways of knowing, but nine times out of ten I’m guessing you notice a spelling error or two that a professional company just wouldn’t make.

Here’s an actual extract from an email I recently received to my personal account:

It is resolved that your payment will be by instant cash payment of $5000 usd twice daily payment through moneygram money transfer for 54 days excluding Sundays, your final approved payment is $540,000.00 usd (Five hundred and forty thousand united states dollars), your payment commences once you contact the moneygram central director with the details below:

Now obviously it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this is a load of nonsense. For one thing I’m not that lucky! I won’t bother highlighting all of the errors, but if the people behind this scam spent a little bit of time proofreading and editing their email before sending, then they might just hook a few more people in.

Here’s another email I received a while back:

Access to your Natwest account has been temporarily restricted. Click here to review your account Information.

Yours sincerely,

Natwest Bank

Now this one’s a lot more plausible. Of course it’s obviously fake, but notice how there aren’t actually any spelling errors. From a grammatical point of view, the only thing wrong with it is the use of a capital ‘I’ on the word information. This is what set my proofreading alarm bells ringing just as much as any of the actual content.

Your reputation is vital

Hopefully the two examples above have illustrated why it’s so important to proofread and edit your website copy. And no, it’s not so you can con people! The moral of those examples is this…

Major companies do not allow ANY of their written communications to be littered with errors. It undermines their credibility, it’s careless, sloppy, and above all else, it affects their profits.

So before you go launching that new product, or shouting to the world about your new website, just make sure to check over the copy, or better yet, have us check over it for you. It could save you a fortune in the long-term.



March 4, 2018

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